Sunday, 28 December 2014

Imanofutu Vol.2 Published

Volume 2 of Imanofutu futuristic fiction series was published on December 25 2014 with the subtitle 'The Eventful Start of Sugil's Presidency'. As the title indicates, the current volume  captures the eventful initial days of presidency of Sugirl, the first woman president of Imanofutu who came to power in 2103. Like the previous volume, volume.2 also come with open license (CC-BY-SA).

ISBN 13: 978-1505514445/
ISBN 10: 1505514444

Free Digital copy of Imanofutu Vol-2,  is now available in Google Books and Google Play. Links are given below: (GOOGLE BOOKS) (GOOGLE PLAY)


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Download Volume 1 Imanofutu (a prologue to the main plot)

Dear friends,

I am very happy to present this new year gift to you!

Last year I published an imprint edition of IMANOFUTU through Create Space and  is available in Amazone online stores. Now the soft copy  is available for free download -IT CARRIES A CC-BY-SA OPEN LICENSE AS WELL! Volume 1 of IMANOFUTU  is a prologue to the main plot of the series. 

The main plot of the series will tell the story of IMANOFUTU from the year 2101 onwards. The current volume is a collage of events from the 21st century life of IMANOFUTU, which will set the background for the main plot. The volume 2 will also carry an open license.

I dedicate the whole series to THE PLANET EARTH - the loveliest planet in the vicinity of science so far!

Hope you will like this volume.

Click here for free digital copy from Google play  

Click here for free digital copy from Google books

Click here for direct download  of the PDF version of Volume 1 IMANOFUTU

Free digital copy is also available

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